Intermittent Acceleration Syndrome

The characteristic of IAS is the fast speech that is difficult to understand. Words can be compressed, syllables can be omitted, and sounds can be altered.

IAS is often accompanied by abnormalities that often differ from those typically heard in stuttering. So their speech includes injectable formulas, incomplete phrases, repetitions of words and phrases, revisions and hesitations, all usually without muscle tension. The rhythm of the person with IAS is not always fast, but it gives the impression that it comes out with sudden rapid outbursts characterized by poor articulation and irregularities.

Unlike people with stuttering, those with IAS find it easier to speak, as well as slower and more understandable, when people try to control their disorder.

The person seems incapable of putting his thoughts into continuous sentences and connecting them in a logical way. Concomitant problems with people with IAS include daydreaming, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, joint problems and acoustic processing.

IAS & Stuttering

IAS ss often accompanied by stuttering. Reason is usually disorganized and the person is usually unaware of their difficulty. The study of the neurophysiological basis of the disorder shows abnormalities in the basal ganglia.

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