Learning difficulties

“General Learning Disabilities“ refers to the difficulties a child experiences in acquiring and using school skills that are directly and indirectly related to the expression and comprehension of spoken and written language and generally describes the child’s difficulties in the school learning process.

Learning Gaps & Learning Disabilities

In children with learning gaps-learning deficit, the difficulties are due to insufficient school attendance, low expectations of parents, disturbed family relationships, etc. That is, they are due to omissions and incorrect interventions in both the school and the family environment of the child and not in his own composition. It should therefore be emphasized that the child with a learning disability does not have developmental disabilities.

To deal with such difficulties, the provision of remedial teaching in school is recommended.

It will also be good to give the child more teaching time, more opportunities for participation and consolidation of learning material, better organization and management of time, organization of the way of study, etc. For a smooth school course the psychological support of the child is also necessary and patience.

Categories of Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities fall into two categories:

  • in children with mild learning disabilities
  • in children with special learning difficulties

Children in these categories have developmental disabilities and their difficulties are due to developmental factors. Learning difficulties, therefore, are due to the deficient development of some cognitive functions related to the learning process.

Unlike children with learning disabilities, children with learning disabilities require specialized teaching intervention. The usual supportive teaching aid is not enough, which in the case of learning difficulties becomes useless and tedious for the child. To deal with learning difficulties, therefore, individualized and systematic intervention is needed, specially designed and adapted to the needs of each child.

Term Generalizations and Differences with Autism

General Learning Disabilities is a broader term than “Special Learning Disabilities” and is often misused. In contrast, “Special Learning Disabilities” as a specific term refers to a category of disorders (which probably have a neurobiological basis), which cause “difficulty in acquiring one or more learning areas related to the processing of speech in language and mathematics (e.g. .x in reading, comprehension of written speech, difficulty in arithmetic, etc.).

Also often through an arbitrary generalization the special learning difficulties are identified with the term “Dyslexia”.

Dyslexia, however, refers to only one specific category of special learning difficulties, that of difficulty in learning the reading process and spelling. Other categories of special learning difficulties include dysgraphia, dysgraphia and dysnumeracy. The criterion for differentiating the two major categories is in our view on the one hand the extent of the problem during the learning process and on the other hand the typology of the etiology.

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